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Joacim_1_130x190My research is focused on using Swedish registry data to analyze policy relevant topics in entrepreneurship, corporate finance, and labor economics. A central theme is the economics of corporate ownership, i.e. how the real economy is affected by different corporate ownership forms. I thus study things like the decision to become a business owner, venture capital investments, listing/delisting decisions, private equity buyouts, and M&As. I have also done theoretical work on ownership changes and on how to regulate the media, telecommunications, and IT industry. My research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Labor Economics, European Economic Review, and the International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Curriculum vitae: PDF


Recent publications in international journals:
1. Olsson, M. and J. Tåg, 2017, Private Equity, Layoffs, and Job Polarization. Journal of Labor Economics 35. [ Link ]
2. Tåg, J., T. Åstebro, and P. Thompson, 2016, Hierarchies and Entrepreneurship. European Economic Review 89: 129-147. [ Link ]
3. Tangerås, T. and J. Tåg, 2016, International Network Competition under Decentralized Regulation. International Journal of Industrial Organization 47: 152-185. [ Link ]
4. Norbäck, PJ, Persson, L and J. Tåg, 2014. Acquisitions, Entry, and Innovation in Oligopolistic Network Industries. International Journal of Industrial Organization 37: 1-12. (Lead article.) [ Link ]
5. Tåg, Joacim. 2013. Production Hierarchies in Sweden. Economics Letters 121: 210-213. [ Link ]

Recent working papers:
1. Equal Opportunity? Gender Gaps in CEO Appointments and Executive Pay (with Matti Keloharju and Samuli Knüpfer). [Link]
2. Private Equity’s Unintended Dark Side: On the Economic Consequences of Excessive Delistings (with Alexander Ljungqvist and Lars Persson). [Link]
3. Private Equity, Layoffs, and Job Polarization (with Martin Olsson). [Link]

Top 3 cited publications (according to Google Scholar):
1. Net Neutrality on the Internet: A Two-sided Market Analysis (with Nicolas Economides). Information Economics and Policy 24: 91-104, 2012. [ Link ]
2. Institutions and Venture Capital (with Josh Lerner). Industrial and Corporate Change 22: 53-182, 2013. [ Link ]
3. Paying to Remove Advertisements. Information Economics and Policy 21: 245-252, 2009. [ Link ]

Contact details:
Mail: Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Box 55665, SE-102 15 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)8 665 4524
Fax: +46 (0)8 665 4599
E-mail: joacim.tag(at)ifn.se
Web at IFN: http://www.ifn.se/joacimt