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Joacim_1_130x190My research is focused on using Swedish registry data to analyze policy-relevant topics in entrepreneurship, corporate finance, and labor economics. A central theme is the economics of corporate ownership. I thus study topics like the decision to become a business owner, private equity investments, listing and delisting decisions, and M&As. I also research the careers of successful people, and I have done work on how to regulate telecommunications and media companies. My research has appeared in, among others, the Journal of Labor Economics, European Economic Review, and the International Journal of Industrial Organization. It has also been featured in major newspapers such as The Economist, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, and Helsingin Sanomat.

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Full length working papers and articles in academic journals

Labor and Finance

  1. Keloharju, M., S. Knüpfer, and J. Tåg. 2018. “What Prevents Female Executives from Reaching the Top?
  2. Olsson, M. and J. Tåg. 2018. “What is the Cost of Privatization for Workers?
  3. Olsson, M. and J. Tåg. 2017. “Private Equity, Layoffs, and Job Polarization.” Journal of Labor Economics 35: 697–754.


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  3. Lerner, J. and J. Tåg. 2013. “Institutions and Venture Capital.” Industrial and Corporate Change 22:153–182.

Industrial Organization

  1. Ljungqvist, A., L. Persson, and J. Tåg. 2018. “The Incredible Shrinking Stock Market: On the Political Economy Consequences of Excessive Delistings.”
  2. Norbäck, P-J., L. Persson and J. Tåg. 2018. “Does the Debt Tax Shield Distort Ownership Efficiency?International Review of Economics and Finance 54: 299-310.
  3. Basiki, S, P-J. Norbäck, L. Persson, and J. Tåg. 2017. “Cross-Border Acquisitions and Restructuring: Multinational Enterprises versus Private Equity-firms.” European Economic Review 94:166–184.
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  7. Tåg, J. 2009. “Paying to Remove Advertisements.” Information Economics and Policy 21: 245–252.
  8. Tåg, J. 2009. “Competing Platforms and Third Party Application Developers.” Communication & Strategies 74: 95–114.

Shorter papers in academic journals

  1. Olsson, M. and J. Tåg. 2018. “Are Foreign Private Equity Buyouts Bad for Workers?Economics Letters 172: 1-4.
  2. Norbäck, P-J., L. Persson and J. Tåg. 2018. “Threatening to Buy: Private Equity Buyouts and Antitrust Policy.” Economics Letters 164: 31–34.
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  4. Åstebro, T and J. Tåg. 2017. “Gross, Net, and New Job Creation by Entrepreneurs.” Journal of Business Venturing Insights 8:64-70.
  5. Tåg, J. 2013. “Production Hierarchies in Sweden.” Economics Letters 121: 210–213.

Other publications

  1. Norbäck, P-J., L. Persson and J. Tåg. 2018. “Private Equity Buyouts: Anti- or Pro-Competitive?.” CPI Antitrust Chronicle 1: 31–34.
  2. Olsson, M. and J. Tåg. 2017. “Påverkar riskkapitalinvesteringar anställda och samhällsekonomin?Ekonomisk Debatt, 8/2017: 26-36.
  3. Koptyug, N., L. Persson, R. Svensson, and J. Tåg. 2017. “Aktiemarknadens betydelse för näringslivet och samhällsekonomin.” Ekonomisk Debatt 7/2017:6-17.
  4. Tåg, J. 2016. “Forskningsprogrammet Globaliseringen och företagen.” Slutredovisning avseende juli 2011 – juni 2016.
  5. Economides, N. and J. Tåg. 2013. “Net Neutrality and Net Management Regulation: Quality of Service, Price Discrimination, and Exclusive Contracts.” In Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet, edited by Ian Brown, 121–143. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  6. Tåg, J. 2013. “Riskkapital till entreprenörer: Vilken roll spelar finansmarknaderna, skattepolitiken och arbetsmarknadsregleringarna?” In Swedish Economic Forum Report 2013: Institutioner och Incitament för Innovation, edited by Pontus Braunerhjelm, 31–44. Stockholm: Entreprenörskapsforum.
  7. Economides, N. and J. Tåg. 2012. “Modelling the welfare effects of network neutrality regulation: A response to Caves’ comment.” Information Economics and Policy 24:293.
  8. Tåg, J. 2012. “The Real Effects of Private Equity Buyouts.” In The Oxford Handbook of Private Equity, edited by Douglas Cumming, 269–299. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  9. Persson, L. and Tåg, J. 2010. “Book Review: Antitrust and Regulation in the EU and US: Legal and Economic Perspectives.” Journal of Economic Literature 48:1051–105.
  10. Tåg, J. 2009. “Policies och Regleringar i Telekommunikations-, Media- och Teknologiindustrierna.” Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift 2/09:83–87.
  11. Tåg, J. 2008. “Essays on Platforms: Business Strategies, Regulation and Policy in Telecommunications, Media and Technology Industries.” Ph.D. diss., Hanken School of Economics.

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Mail: Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Box 55665, SE-102 15 Stockholm, Sweden
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